Brittany Diaz

Yes, they are very real. Am I one of them? I DON’T KNOW! With the recent feuds of political events and elections (specifically the 2016 election) the Latino community has slowly started to crawl out of its shell.

During these ongoing national events, many assume that we are quick to vote for the democratic party, WRONG! Although it is statistically proven that minorities usually vote for there favorable democrat, this is not always the case.

To be honest, some Latino’s could care less about immigration issues because we’re not all immigrants! Latino’s come from all over the world: Columbia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico (mi familia), Cuba, Spain, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and the list obviously goes on and on. Although immigration is typically not a concern for Puerto Ricans, it’s not always a concern for other Latino’s too. It really depends on the personal situation of the person and their background.

DO WE ALL HATE TRUMP? NO. DO I LIKE TRUMP? NO. IS IT BECAUSE I’M LATINA? NO, I just don’t like him for  multiple reasons and if you are unsure why anyone would not like him you should start opening your eyes and watch the news :). HOWEVER, THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A DEMOCRAT! Lol,why do I have to be apart of a political party?

Surprisingly, I’ve met quite a few people of the Latino community who favor some of Trump’s policies. When I asked them what was it that they liked about Trump, I received multiple answers. Some people like how he has no filter. Some people are in favor of his immigration/foreign policies even if it could potentially affect there people, and some just simply like his ideas of taking away welfare and other services.  

SO WHO ARE THE LATINO REPUBLICANS? Well there everywhere, but I’ll name a few. Marco Rubio, the current senator of Florida, 2016 presidential Republican candidate, and a Florida attorney. Ana Navarro, Republican strategist and political commentator for many news outlets. Ted Cruz, the current senator of Texas, and 2016 presidential Republican Candidate. Check out more here:

Overall, Latino Republicans are very very very real. Some our closeted, some are open, and some could just care less about politics.