A Win for the Unsung Heroes of Spectrum


Katie Cole

In an incredible feat, Choral Spectrum’s Spectrum Band took home the ‘Best Band’ award at the Daniel Hand Connecticut Classic show choir competition on March 3rd. Their stunning musical accompaniment, which backed up the pitch-perfect voices of the vocalists in Choral Spectrum, held up against stiff competition throughout the night.

“It was such an amazing moment to be recognized for all our hard work,” said senior Abby Bourdon, who plays synthesizer in the band. “After a close competition, being able to get the award and see our support was so rewarding.” There is no doubt that Spectrum Band puts in the work, getting up early on some weekdays to practice their set and staying late on nights make sure it all comes together. Spectrum Band, also known as ‘The Lid,’ took home the coveted award that had eluded them since last year’s win at Shepherd Hill Central Massachusetts Show Choir Festival.

It was a banner night for Spectrum as a whole. Spectrum came in third place overall, scoring an exceptional gold from the judges. The judges were also impressed with the individual work from members of the group. Senior Natalie Pelletier took home the ‘Best Female Soloist’ award for her outstanding performance during the song ‘Absolutely Final Goodbye.’ Pelletier came away with this same award at the last competition as well, proving her impressive vocals can blow away the competition time and time again. Junior Gabriel Galley was recognized by the judges as well, obtaining an award for his work in the band playing the violin. But, it is not just the musical talent that has gotten Spectrum known across the region.

“People from other groups wish they could be in the band because, while it is musically very strong, it is known by everyone for its fun. The jokes are now famous,” commented senior Matthew Kennedy. Kennedy has been in Spectrum Band for three years now and is the current bassist for the group. He looks upon his time in The Lid fondly, noting: “its like all the good things about a family, plus some ‘Best Band’ trophies and bonus jokes.”

One such bonus joke he is referencing is the recent tradition for the members of the band to bring a pineapple to the competition and carry it around with them throughout the competition. The joke is so famous among the show choir community that when senior Jacob Donald held up the pineapple while accepting the ‘Best Band’ award, the crowd erupted into some of the loudest cheers of the night.

On the whole, Spectrum’s impressive performances year after year under the strong tutelage of Jereme Martineau are something for all of SWHS to take pride in.