Popular Colleges Amongst SWHS Seniors


Brittany Diaz

Applying for colleges has long past and now it’s time to hear the yes and no’s. Many SWHS seniors have been stressed out about college acceptances. Here are some colleges that seem to be a popular choice (when applying and making decisions) amongst the class of 2018:

University of Connecticut (UConn)

The University of Connecticut is one of the five public colleges in CT. With an acceptance rate of 53%, many are eager to know if they got in or not. UConn currently holds six campuses, one being their main campus in Storrs and the others in: Hartford, Avery Point, Stamford, Torrington, and Waterbury. UConn offers over 110+ majors, giving students the opportunity to explore and learn.


Senior, Asli Awale applied to UConn and hope to stay close to home

“I applied to schools like UConn and [Trinity] because they would allow me to get a good education without having to go across the country.”


Temple University

Temple University is a public college located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the opportunity to leave home and not go too far, a hand full of SWHS Seniors have applied to the PA state school.


Senior, Kavitha Francis

“I applied to Temple because my family used to live in Pennsylvania, so we go back often to visit family and friends. Since we visit so frequently, I’m familiar with the area and the campus. They also have a great business program!”


Even though Kavitha Francis has applied to Temple University, she is hoping to get into her number one school – UConn!


Penn State

Penn State  is one of the largest colleges in America and it seems to attract many every year. With a great football program and a beautiful campus, the public school has become a brand name.


Senior, Kate Marchessault

“Penn State is such a big school and many people fear they will get lost in the crowd, but I see the schools size as a chance to explore the abundance of opportunities the school can offer me. The beautiful campus and lively atmosphere is one of the biggest draws for me.”


University of Saint Joseph (USJ)

The University of Saint Joseph  is a Roman Catholic college located in West Hartford, CT. It was historically known as an all female university, but that has recently changed. The school is known for their great pre med programs, engineering program, and there 3+3 programs along with small class sizes.


Senior, Brittany Diaz

“I originally applied to USJ for the small class sizes and because its close to home. But after doing research, I came across there pre law program! USJ offers great internships that allow you to work with experienced attorney’s and members of the capital. I also really like their Public Policy & Advocacy degree/program, it gives you the opportunity to get into pre law and later attend law school, or further a career in business. While I hope to get into my top school, USJ seems like a great fit!”


Quinnipiac University

Located in Hamden, Quinnipiac University is one of the very few schools in Connecticut that offers both a med school and a law school. Within six months after graduating from the university, 96.9 percent of grads find a job. QU is nationally ranked as one of the best 4 year universities and with a high satisfaction rate from grads and students.


Senior, Yasmine Alami

“I applied to Quinnipiac because I loved the scenery and the views of the campus. Also I could go hiking (I love hiking), whenever I want with friends because the Sleeping Giant State Park is nearby. Lastly, I want to major in communications/public relations/and marketing. Their facilities are incredible and allow me to pursue that. With my program I can get two degrees in a matter of 4 years (3+1 program).”


University of Rhode Island (URI)

Located right next to CT, URI has been a popular school for many SWHS grads and prospective students when a applying to college. The University of Rhode Island is a well known public research school in New England. Many students love the feeling of being close to home and near the beach.


Senior, Abby Rood

“I really want to go to the University of Rhode Island because it’s near the beach and Newport! They also have a great biology program, and their campus is not to big or too small, its just perfect!”


Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)

CCSU, Connecticut’s oldest “public funded” university, has caught an interest in many, with a cheaper tuition than the average college and a wide opportunity of programs offered, students love the idea of paying less for a great education


Overall, it seems like many 2018 grads value staying close to home, and receiving a great education from well accredited schools with a wide variety of programs. Best of luck to the class of 2018!!!


DISCLAIMER: The following students have only applied to these colleges. Some have received acceptances and some are still waiting. The schools they talk about are great colleges that they find interesting and along with the popular opinion of many others, but nothing has been said or done yet. During the month of February and March students will start to make their decisions!!!!