South Windsor For the Kids Dance Marathon on February 9th


Elena Sanderson

The club “South Windsor For the Kids” will have their annual dance marathon on Friday, February 9th in the South Windsor High School cafeteria, where there will be food, games, and many fun activities to help raise money for children in the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.


This dance marathon is the 5th annual dance marathon that we’ve had at South Windsor High School, which is a smaller version of Uconn’s “HuskyThon,” however focusing on the same goal.


According to the South Windsor For the Kids website, “South Windsor For the Kids is a club at SWHS that works to raise money for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center through a variety of different fundraisers. As a member of this club, you would be planning and participating in fundraisers that you come up with.”


To further explain, the club focuses on a variety of different groups such as those in charge of planning fundraisers and events at restaurants, concerts and plays, sports games (such as the volleyball tournament), and even through canning. Through all of these different fundraisers, money is being raised for these children who have spent much of their childhood in the hospital.


The dance marathon will give these children a night to remember and an opportunity to truly feel like a kid and have fun.


If you’re interested in having a good time, raising money for a great cause, and listening to some of these wonderful children’s touching stories, be sure to buy a ticket for the dance marathon in the cafeteria during lunch waves!