From Red to Blue


Camille Osumah

This past week, in a historical outcome. Democrat Doug Jones beat out favorite, Republican Roy Moore in the media deemed Alabama Senate race. With only a 1.5% difference in votes, the historically Republican (red) state, has turned blue and possibly over a new leaf in history. With Jones recent win, the Republicans’ Senate advantages shrinks to only one seat, putting their majority strength up for question.

A former chief of justice in the Alabama Supreme Court, Republican Roy S. Moore was endorsed by President Trump for the position with Trump saying in a tweet, “Moore will always vote with us”. While the support from the president is swaying, other Republican senators have actually called for Moore to withdraw from the race and distanced their relations with him. In a Washington Post report from November 9th of this year, four women accused Moore of pursuing them sexually/romantically when they were 18 or even younger. In the time of the accusations Moore would have been in his 30s. Another woman came forward and specifically accused Moore of sexually assaulting her when she was 16. Though Moore does not deny that he dated woman in their teens while he was in his 30s, Moore vehemently denies the most serious charges he has been accused of. Claiming that his accusers are conspiring against him, Moore has said that “the forces of evil who are attempting to relegate our conservative Christian values to the dustbin of history.”

A former US attorney known for his championing of civil right, Doug Jones was first cast off by the Democratic party as a possible candidate. While Jones had never run for office before, he had a strong reputation after prosecuting to KKK members 40 years after their participation in the Birmingham church bombing that killed 4 young black girls. Calling it the, “the most tarnishing crime in Alabama in the 20th century,” Jones brought justice after heavy delay.  No matter who you supported or wished to win. The election is the first of many to show where the country is standing and who the citizens want to represent them. It was truly shocking.