Omarosa Out – Who’s Next?


Trevor Hoffman

Omarosa Manigault-Newman, White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison and top aid of President Donald Trump, is out of her position after allegedly resigning, adding to the long list of dramatic White House departures. Omarosa, who was with the administration since the inauguration says she will resign on January 20 next year, exactly a year after the Trump inauguration.

Manigault-Newman, a close friend and confidant of the president for the last 14 years has earned her fame after her appearances on NBC’s The Apprentice, where the president played a lead role. She notably was fired three times by Trump on the show.

According to April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, Omarosa was fired after a heated exchange with White House Chief Of Staff, John Kelly.

“Sources say General Kelly did the firing and Omarosa is alleged to have acted very vulgar and cursed a lot…. The word is a General Kelly had it and got rid of her.” Ryan tweeted. “According to multiple sources Omarosa did not resign. She was even escorted out of he building and off campus.”

However, when confronted with the question of whether she resigned or was fired from her White House post on Good Morning America, Omarosa denied the reports that she was fired, contending that the individual who was reporting that had a “personal vendetta” against her. She also offered some insight into her experiences working for the Trump Administration.

“I wanted to make the one-year mark … and then get back to my life.” Omarosa said while being interviewed by Michael Strahan. “I have seen things that made me uncomfortable, upset me…”

Omarosa’s sudden exit is not the first high profile departure during the first year of the Trump Administration. So far, we have seen Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist, Anthony Scaramucci, the ten day White House Communications Director, Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary and Reince Priebus, the presidents first Chief Of Staff walk out the doors of the West Wing.

Sources within the president’s inner circle say that they expect to see more resignations in the near future as the tensions in Washington build, and the Special Council’s Russia probe narrows their investigation down to high level Trump aids.