Best Christmas Gifts of 2017


Trevor Hoffman

Every year, people will find themselves left wondering what to get their loved ones this holiday season. Year after year, more and more goods come to the shelves in stores and become top selling gifts during the holiday season. As for this year, here are a few of the hottest gifts people are flocking to the stores to get their hands on:


  • Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker


      • Price: $150
      • The new Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is the perfect gift for someone looking to exercise more as the new year comes around. This advanced Fitbit watch is capable of tracking everything from your heart rate, to how many calories burned, and even how well you have been sleeping, among many other great features pertaining to exercise and health. In addition, you can receive calls and texts from this device that has a battery duration up to 7 days!


  • The Amazon Echo


      • Price: starting at $79.99 (
      • The Amazon Echo is pretty much Siri on steroids. Amazon has released the Echo to assist you with whatever it may be from wherever you place it. This portable assistant, named Alexa, is ready to help you with anything, including telling you the weather, playing the radio, setting an alarm or even telling you a joke. In fact, people even buy multiple Amazon Echo’s so that they can have a few around their house!


  • iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


      • Price: Starting at $799.00
      • Say goodbye to your manually operated vacuum. iRobot’s Roomba 980 is a robotic vacuum that operates at the through an app on a phone and simultaneously cleans the entire house. Through the app, you can also set up cleaning schedules for the Roomba to follow as it goes through the house, making sure the floors are clean without a single speck of dust.


  • iPhone 10


    • Price: Starting at $999.99
    • Time for a phone upgrade? Is your current iPhone becoming too slow? The highly anticipated iPhone X (AKA iPhone 10) has arrived. This cutting edge piece of technology features wireless charging, facial recognition, faster processing, an edge-to-edge retina display screen among many other new and fascinating features.