Top Halloween Costumes Of 2017


Trevor Hoffman

If you are going trick-or-treating on Halloween, expect to see a wide variety of new costumes debut. With new movies, television shows, artists, and political figures making into the 2017 limelight, Americans have flocked to get the newest and latest costumes to celebrate Halloween.

  • Moana

One of the newest Disney movies to make it to the big screen, Moana was the fourth most profitable Disney movie, making over $600 million in profits. In the movie, a Polynesian Princes named Moana tries to restore the heart of the goddess Te Fiti in order to get rid of the darkness in the ocean. While many plan on dressing as Moana this Halloween, some have claimed this outfit to be racist, since it is cultural appropriation.

  • Donald Trump

You can expect a lot of people to pose as business mogul, multi-millionaire and President of the United States, Donald Trump this Halloween. Trump won the United States Presidential Election after a stunning defeat of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in one of the most expensive and polarizing campaigns in the history of presidential elections. Stores have already run out of Trump masks due to the high demand from so many Halloween goers.


  • Stranger Things


The Netflix original series, Stranger Things, just premiered their second season on October 27th. Millions of fans have resorted to binge watching this new season, where the characters are fighting a new fighting a new threat that comes from the Upside Down. Characters like the Demogorgon, Barb, Nancy and Mike have been sell-out costumes according to Spirit Halloween Stores.

  • Cardi B

One of the newest stand-out artist of 2017 is Cardi B, who sings “Bodak Yellow,” which held first place on the Billboard 100 charts for three consecutive weeks. Cardi B rose to fame beginning with her presence on Instagram, where she has racked up 12.3 million followers. Her music has had a profound effect on pop culture and many have sought out costumes to appear as Cardi B this year.