Spirit Week Kicks Off with Decades Day


Katie Cole

Spirited students of SWHS went all out for ‘Decades Day’ Monday, October 17th. From freshmen to seniors and teachers alike, no era of fashion went unrepresented. Classes were filled with hippies, flappers, 90’s grunge brand groupies, and bright 80’s partiers. Many found inspiration in odd places and looked to those who lived through the age for help.

“My parents were the inspiration behind my outfit,” said Mike Tortora, a junior showing his 80’s flare. “They grew up in the 1980’s and helped me with the style. They really liked how it came out.” Tortora sported and upturned collar and rolled up jeans, flashing many teachers back to their youth. Tortora wasn’t the only one dressing for the crazy 80’s, many rocked bright patterns and the leather trends of the time. Sophomore Rachel Mar modeled her outfit off of the character Sandy from Grease. Whether it was their first spirit day or one of the many they have participated in, there was overwhelming support for all of those participating.

“I am representing the 80’s. This is my first time I’ve ever done spirit. I figured, because I’m a senior now, why not? People keep telling me it’s cute. I’m having a great time,” reported Taylor Kerce. The theme of this day stood out against the frequent black-out days, hawaiian days, and college wear. The newness of this idea brought more intrigue from people like Taylor who had not participated before. The amount of people participating was evidently more than spirit days past, but not everyone was in on the fun.

“I didn’t really have any clothes that I would associate with a different decade so I didn’t have the opportunity,” commented senior Brandon Barzola. Though many students like Brandon chose to go in plainclothes, those dressed up drew the most attention and praise of the day. Whether in costume or not, everyone agrees that decades day at SWHS was a major hit.