First Year Varsity Coach Revamps Lacrosse Team


Hannah Mitchell

Taking on an already established Varsity Lacrosse team may sound intimidating, but SWHS English teacher Ms. Dobosz says her most obvious emotion about taking over the team was enthusiasm.

“I was excited to come into such a strong program.” Says Dobosz. “I knew the team had a strong foundation already.”

Ms. Dobosz, a former Varsity swim coach at Danbury High School applied for the Varsity Lacrosse coaching position at SWHS last winter. She knew she wanted to coach again eventually, and when she heard about the opening she knew it would be the perfect opportunity.

“I decided to apply because I had experience as a Varsity coach before.” She says. “I really enjoyed how coaching allowed me to get to know my students a little better and get involved with the school community.”

Dobosz, who played lacrosse in high school, explains how running an already established, highly skilled varsity team wasn’t always easy.

“It was a little nerve racking because I was given the position 3 weeks before the start of the season,” She explains.  “I struggled to learn the best strategies in the game and finding time to re-learn the game and re-learn drills from the coaching perspective. I had to learn how to best to work [these elements] with a team with strong skills that they all have.”

Captain Natalie Kaczmarek explains how the team was pretty new last year and consisted of many underclassmen. There was only 1 senior but 7 juniors to help lead the team.

“Since we had such a young team last year, we will come out very strong this year, as most of us are returning and ready to pick up where we left off.”

The 7 Juniors are now Seniors and all planning to return in the spring for season.

With the season only a couple months away, Ms. Dobosz has high hopes for her team in the upcoming years.

“In the future I hope our team continues to be unified and attract high caliber players,” She expressed.