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Senior Super Soaker Battle Royale

Aiden Walsh
Seniors Luke Taylor and Lenz Dannemann pose for a photo after a battle.

Running across town, Super Soaker in hand, aiming for the big prize, the seniors of SWHS have long enjoyed the end-of-year tradition that is Senior Assassins. The month-long game of water tag is seen as a big deal for SWHS seniors, often being one of the last big social events of their high school career. 

Played across the US with many different variations, Senior Assassins is a popular activity for students on the verge of graduating. While not sanctioned by or allowed within South Windsor High School, or any school for that matter, the game regularly attracts a large percentage of seniors, thanks to the help of social media. The game consists of seniors in the graduating class who come together to organize a large-scale, long term game, almost for the entire month. 

Those who would like to participate in the event must pay $12 to the senior organizers, along with filling out a Google form, acknowledging the rules and regulations involved to ensure maximum amount of safety and fairness. 

Each senior is assigned to another target to eliminate, and are randomly assigned by chosen juniors to make the game a bit more fair. The game is played in rounds, with round 1 starting on Monday, May 6th, and ending on Saturday, May 11th. If you get your target in the time frame, you are assigned to that person’s target, but don’t need to pursue it until the next round.

Since the game commenced, there have already been some exciting eliminations. Angie Golub had gotten the first elimination of the game early Monday morning by eliminating her target, Samantha Rowell. Throughout the day of May 6th, 15 students total had been eliminated, and that still leaves many more to come. 

Senior Jaelyn Salas and Poorva Sathe are playing in the senior games this year. (Jaelyn Salas)

“I woke up early in the morning to camp out at my target’s house, and once they came outside, there was no water in my barrel, so I failed miserably, and now I cant get my target. Make sure to always be prepared for everything and assure your elimination,” senior Alex Ouelette. 

“I had my friend trick my target into exposing themselves out in the open in order to get me an easy elimination,” senior Alex Ezedine tells The Prowl

During the month of Senior Assassins there are many betrayals and alliances formed to try and make it through the month and be the last person standing. 

“For me Assassins has been fun, and I have been able to get my two eliminations with help from my friends,” senior Tyler McLaughlin said. 

But, oftentimes friends will betray other friends in order for their own personal gain within the event.

Senior Assassins in South Windsor High School has been as lively as ever with creative eliminations and amazing getaways from assassins. 

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