Samantha Deras
Junior Samantha Deras is a passionate, organized, and creative person. Deras is also creative in the way she writes which is going to be an amazing asset to the prowl. Deras also likes to dissect things down to a bone. While watching a movie, you’ll find Deras dissecting them piece by piece, which is key for making an article. A writer needs to break down their story little by little, and that's what Deras brings to the table. Deras talked about how she is going to be resourceful to the prowl, bringing her hardworking skills to the Prowl. and we can’t wait to see what they do for the website.

Samantha Deras, Writer

Nov 24, 2020
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Nov 13, 2020
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Oct 30, 2020
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Oct 23, 2020
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Samantha Deras