Camille Osumah is 16 years old and a notable member of the junior class at South Windsor High School. Along with her work as a writer at The Bobcat Prowl, Camille is extensively involved within the school community, as a member of many clubs such as debate club, cooking club, archery club and the Bobcat Pride Organization. Camille has also distinguished herself academically, where she was recently inducted into the National Honors Society. Camille’s favorite class at the high school is AP Psychology. She really enjoys the scientific background involved with the class. She plans on working in the medical field when she is older, either as a surgeon or a biomedical engineer. During her free time, Camille enjoys spending her time binge watching the show criminal minds or reading. Her favorite genre is historical fiction or realistic fiction. In fact, she has volunteered at the South Windsor Public Library for the past 4 years and has recently been hired as an employee. At the library, she is the leader of the volunteer program, which is one of the largest library volunteer networks in the state, comprising of over 200 volunteers. She has two brothers who have recently graduated from college.

Camille Osumah, Writer

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