2017-2018 Staff

Hannah Mitchell


Hannah Mitchell is a senior of the class of 2018.  Her favorite category to write about is Student Life.  She is noted for her amazing piece on the recap of the SWHS Bobcats 2018 football season.  A fun fact about Hannah is th...

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Clara Gomes-Ferres


Clara Gomes-Ferres enjoys writing articles about what’s hot in today’s culture. Anywhere from fashion trends to Christmas music, she’s written such articles like, Tattoos: The Meaning Behind Miley’s and Mariah Invented Christmas...

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Brittany Diaz


As the foundation of the journalism editing team and the leader of the Bobcat Prowl website when speaking with senior Brittany Diaz anyone would be amazed by her drive and future aspirations in life. Inspired by the Obama's a...

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Camille Osumah


Camille Osumah is 16 years old and a notable member of the junior class at South Windsor High School. Along with her work as a writer at The Bobcat Prowl, Camille is extensively involved within the school community, as a memb...

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Kyle Garneau


Kyle Garneau is a junior at South Windsor High School and a staff writer for the Bobcat Prowl. He specializes in the categories of news and opinion as he wants to inform people of current events. When he’s not writing for the...

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Mike Tortora


Mike Tortora is currently a junior here at SWHS. He enjoys skiing on his free time and he’s an all around student athlete. On top of that Mike is an involved member of multiple clubs in the SWHS community. His favorite subject...

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Andrew Capossela


Senior at South Windsor High School Andrew Capossela is among one of the journalists for the Bobcat Prowl. His favorite article category to write about is the Opinion category. According to Andrew, one of the best things about be...

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