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The Bobcat Prowl

Drag Queen slaying down the street to kick off the Middletown Pride Parade.

Kick Start of Pride Month

Izabella McKenna and Cat Martino June 8, 2023

Pride month is a month to celebrate love in any and all forms and uplift voices that have been silenced for centuries. Pride month’s origins begin within the heat of the Stonewall riots. A protest...

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A partial collection of the letters and parcels from the world leaders.

Educating Others with Help from 50+ World Leaders

Max Schwartzman, Editor-in-Chief May 30, 2023

Despite how interconnected our world has become, young Americans still know very little about places beyond our borders. Not just being blissfully unaware of current events, but genuinely not knowing about...

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March 17th 2023 Spring Leadership Conference competitors apart of the FBLA club at South Windsor High School

FBLA Teacher of the Year

Emma Cherubini, Editor May 4, 2023

Mrs. Naysha Cruz, a business teacher at South Windsor High School, was nominated and won the FBLA teacher of the year award for 2023. FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is a student organization...

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An official SAT study guide booklet many high school juniors are using to study for the upcoming SAT.

SAT Validity?

As the in-school SAT session approaches for juniors on March 23rd, many students at SWHS question the relevancy of the exam.
Olivia Liegl, Staff Writer March 17, 2023

In a post-pandemic era of “test-optional” college admissions requirements, do the SAT’s and other standardized tests hold the same validity that they did 5, even 10 years ago? The Scholastic Assessment...

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Senior Felix Brunelle struggles to work on an early-morning assignment.

Does School Affect Sleep?

The link between the two is very likely, experts say.
Andreo Benitez, Staff Writer March 17, 2023

Oh yes, the high school experience. Many have dealt with the woes of staying up too late—perhaps even pulling all-nighters to finish an assignment or study for a test—and have found that their hard...

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The view of the Blue Spruce Open Space from Frazer Fir Pond.

How to Spend a Snow Day in South Windsor?

Max Schwartzman, Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2023

Picture this: You’ve woken up late in the morning, the ground is covered in snow, and you’ve nowhere to go. What would you spend the day doing - or not doing? With almost half a foot of snow on...

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The Beautiful Snowy City Center of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Vers le Grand Nord Blanc (To the Great White North)

Victoria Davies, Guest Writer February 26, 2023

The Quebec Trip started off as speculation around the language department. It definitely made the French students excited, since most students had yet to have a field trip because of Covid. But once we...

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SWHS student scrolling through his social media feed in class.

Is it Time to Cancel Cancel Culture?

Maria Verly, Staff Writer February 24, 2023

With the reality of social media, can someone truly be canceled and face the consequences of their actions, or is the cancellation of those people just another example of performative activism? Performative...

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With South Windsor experiencing rapid growth, home prices are skyrocketing and so will taxes.

The Co$t of Living in South Windsor

Elizabeth Sinclair, Staff Writer February 21, 2023

South Windsor is a beautiful town full of shops, historic landmarks, and home town restaurants. However, South Windsor has experienced tremendous growth. Although it’s great that South Windsor is becoming...

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The Lombardi Trophy awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl. This trophy has been won by the NFL Champions team since 1969 season. This year, the Chiefs beat out the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII.

Chiefs Take Down the Eagles for Super Bowl LVII

Nathan Tenney, Special Liaison to Athletics February 15, 2023

Super Bowl LVII, between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, took place Sunday, February 12, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The Chiefs ended with a 14-3 regular season record,...

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Lisa Marie Presley Dead at 54

Lisa Marie Presley Dead at 54

The Life of Elvis’ Only Child
Samantha Pagliaruli, Staff Writer February 15, 2023

On January 12th, 2023, Lisa Marie Presley passed away while in West Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Lisa Marie Presley was the daughter of Elvis Aaron Presley, the “King...

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SWHS Rowd Crowd At THS for Boys Basketball Game. 26 Jan. 2023.

South Windsor V. Tolland Rivalry Game

Ava Nicole Shasha, Editor January 27, 2023

Thursday night at Tolland High School, the Bobcats and Eagles faced off in a rivalry basketball game. As expected when these two teams met, the crowds showed up, and the rowd came out. With the Bobcats...

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