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SWHS art classes inspired by and inspiring to all young artists.

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Art education is an indispensable aspect of developing students’ creativity, along with imaginative faculties, and high proficiencies. South Windsor High School’s art department offers a diverse selection of classes that accommodate varying skill levels and areas of interest for students, ranging from introductory to advanced levels.

One of the many SWHS art teachers, Ms. Roxanne Lane points out, “Intro students are learning and practicing skills, intermediate and advanced students are enhancing those skills as well.” This approach ensures that students have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of art, such as composition, color theory, and perspective, before moving on to more advanced techniques. She, at the moment, has been teaching pottery. 

In the intermediate course of cartooning, learners are currently engaged in a project that centers around producing a sequential set of comic panels that will ultimately be turned into an extensive comic strip. This project affords students the opportunity to investigate storytelling techniques in visual mediums and cultivate their proficiency in sequential art, a genre that has experienced significant growth.

I think the advanced [class] is working on a graphic novel”

— sophomore Rowan Potts

“I think the advanced [class] is working on a graphic novel; I think it’s 10-15 pages,” said sophomore Rowan Pott. This project challenges students to develop a narrative and create a cohesive visual story that spans multiple pages. The process involves not only illustrating but also scriptwriting, storyboarding, and layout design, which are valuable skills for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the arts.

“Even the introductory class is not left behind,” says Pott. He also mentioned how “Intro is working on a splash page.” A splash page is a full-page illustration that is often used as the first page of a comic book or graphic novel.

By working on the splash page, students are introduced to a brand new concept of visual storytelling and learn how to create a unique image that captures the essence of a story being told through art. Pott really enjoys making cartoons and new characters to tell a fascinating story, showing creativity in every sketch. 

In addition to these projects, the art department organizes various events throughout the year, such as art shows and community projects, where students can showcase their work and engage with the wider community. It also shows the progress students have made since the beginning of the year or semester. These events not only provide students with an opportunity to display their creativity but also helps them develop essential skills such as collaboration, communication, and management. Students often make new friends along the way, hoping to bounce ideas off of one another to make their art even better.

The art department at South Windsor High School provides a nurturing environment that fosters creativity, skill development, and self-expression. By offering a range of classes that help cater to many students’ interests and skill levels, and also organizing events that promote community engagement, the art department plays a vital role in shaping the artistic sensibilities of its students in hopes to help them excel in life. Overall helping them to dream, achieve, and inspire.