South Windsor High School students practice karate in the gym. (Shamyla Milner)
South Windsor High School students practice karate in the gym.

Shamyla Milner

Hi-YAH or Hi-NAH

March 27, 2023

Should South Windsor High School create a karate club? Shamyla Milner and Maanal Sheriff will lay out the pros and cons to this debate.



Shamyla Milner

All of the clubs and activities South Windsor High School offers are inspiring. There are a wide variety of sports, and many students continue with these after high school. However, there is one activity that SWHS does not offer. Students have been petitioning for a karate club. There are many positive components to this club addition. Not only could it help students release some pent-up stressful energy that they have, but this could be an escape for some students. This disciplined practice might also help students figure out what they want to do after high school. 

Some people don’t find an interest in team sports like football, soccer, basketball, etc. This would give them more of a way to get the same joy that other students get from playing their sports or doing the clubs that they’re interested in. If safely taught and monitored, the addition of a karate club could be something that is fun and people would enjoy and join.

 Karate club could very well be a way to let off some energy for students, but it could also be a way for students to learn how to defend themselves. This would be especially beneficial for young women who might have to walk to work or school by themselves. If they had some self-defense strategies and confidence from a practice such as such as karate, this would help them feel safer all around. 



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Manaal Sheriff

South Windsor High school has numerous club and sports opportunities for students. There are clubs for art, cooking, debate, and multiple cultural clubs teaching different languages. SWHS also offers clubs for physical activity as well, including  golf, weightlifting, and an outdoor club. There are clubs for all interests and students are even allowed to create their own if they so choose.

Therefore, a karate club should not be formed because of the possible dangers due to this type of activity. This sport could be a hazard if students do not have a proper teacher, someone certified to teach this sport. To form a club, one must have a teacher familiar with the subject and willing to stay after to monitor it. A teacher would have to watch over the group of participants and probably teach the class. To make a karate club possible, I think the school must hire a professional karate teacher and get the right materials for it as well. 

Moreover, karate is a very physical sport and SWHS offers many other activities as an alternative. Joining wrestling can help release some stress, learn defense skills, and overall is a good workout.

SWHS would need to put extensive effort into the formation of a karate club. It would be difficult to combat a safe learning environment for those involved. As a result, I think that it would be more beneficial if the school focused that effort on sports we already offer.

About the Writer
Manaal Sheriff, Staff Writer

Manaal Sheriff is a senior at South Windsor High School. She’s a very kind-hearted indvidual who cares most for family and friends. Manaal is looking forward to learning about politics and news and is...

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