Lauren Graham

Members of South Windsor High School’s Pet Project. the goal of this club is to raise money for Pack Leaders of CT.

The Pet Project Launch

A new club at South Windsor High School to support animal shelters and rescue programs has gained lots of popularity in a short amount of time. 

The Pet Project Club, founded by sophomores Jillian Venzie and Lauren Graham, already has 52 members since their start in November of 2022.  There have been two successful fundraisers and counting, donating supplies and money to the Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut

“We started the club because we both have animals from rescues, and we know the importance of funding and supplies for these shelters,” said sophomore Lauren Graham, one of the founders of the club. Graham wants to make a difference for animals in shelters, and improve the quality of life for these pets. 

The most recent fundraiser that this club has set up was taking place in the back of the cafeteria collecting money for donations due to the Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut, giving out candy to people who donated. On March 2nd, during their third club meeting, posters were hung up around the school for a fundraiser that ran from March 6th through March 10th. 

The future goals for this club are to provide a quality experience for these pets at shelters and rescues. The club leaders are passionate about this because they think of their own pets and think about how they would have supported them in their shelters if they personally didn’t adopt them.

We want to make an impact in order to offer some extra support for some local shelters/rescues

— Co-Founder of Pet Project, sophomore Lauren Graham

This new club is one of the fastest growing clubs because of the advertisement that the club leaders have done. They spread the word about the club before applications to the club opened up. Graham and Venzie also used social media to their advantage, and used Instagram to spread the word quickly, to get as many members as there are. This club has a bright future in South Windsor, and can be seen to do great things for the community. 


Click on this link if you would like to donate directly to Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut.

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