An inside view of Paul’s Boutique. highlighting the records inside. (Paul Cherubini)
An inside view of Paul’s Boutique. highlighting the records inside.

Paul Cherubini

Vernon’s Hidden Gem For Music Lovers

March 10, 2023

Tucked away in a small plaza, hiding behind trees that borders Rockville High School sits Paul’s Boutique Records. Paul’s Boutique is a self described small, vinyl selling, equipment repairing, treasure finding shop based out of Vernon, Connecticut. The store is dedicated towards all the people out there who love collecting records and unique musical items.

Paul Cherubini has owned and managed the store since July, 2021. The store originally opened in 2014. Residing at 630 Talcottville Road in Vernon, Connecticut, the boutique has more records than one could even count, and also features a wide variety of vintage musical equipment aimed for all the music lovers in Connecticut. 

The man behind this, Paul Cherubini, has always loved music and collecting records. Cherubini said, “I’ve been a music lover and collector since I was a teenager. I amassed a huge record collection, 30,000 titles over the years and had planned on opening a record store when I retired from corporate life. Before opening the store, I sold online and at record shows over the years.”

However, Paul’s Boutique offers more than just the records. If you already own some records that over the years have gone through some rough and tough times, Paul’s Boutique offers a cleaning service for your dirty records. Record cleaning can often be expensive and very time consuming, so going to Paul’s Boutique is a  good, effective, and time saving method for cleaning your records.

Not only this, but Paul’s Boutique buys records in exchange for money. Records aren’t the only thing they will purchase from people though. The store will also buy vintage electronics, collectibles, and other items of value.

According to the store’s website, “We do not limit ourselves to just music and music related items.” If you are interested in selling an item to the store, you’ll have to bring the item/s to the shop and Paul himself will speak with you and evaluate the item/s. After he finishes his evaluation and research into the item/s, he’ll present you with an offer. Cherubini will also give a trade value for the object, which is usually a higher value than the cash offer. 

Cherubini described the process of getting good quality records. “The top three ways we acquire records are from people bringing them in and selling them to the store, going to estate and tag sales, and by ordering new releases and other titles from a distributor. Quality and worth are determined independently. Records are “graded” when they come in for both the vinyl itself and the outer and inner sleeves. The grades range from “mint” for a sealed record to “poor” for a record that skips and doesn’t play without issues. The price of the record is determined by what release of the album it is as well as grading and scarcity. The same title from the same artist can vary wildly. A first pressing of Pearl Jam Ten can go for hundreds of dollars while a new pressing can be picked up for as little as $20.

Through all the experiences of my life, music has always been there to build my soundtrack of life. Those songs and the memories surrounding them tell my story

— Paul Cherubini, owner of Paul's Boutique


Cherubini described how he envisions the store. “Paul’s Boutique is as much a community and experience as it is a retail store. People come to see what’s new as much as to buy their next album, or 45. Regulars develop relationships with each other to expand the love of music shared by all. Added to that, you never know what non music items may be in the store at any time.”

For any music collectors, music lovers, or even people who just want to find a place with good music and even better people, Paul’s Boutique is the place to go. If you find yourself at the store, striking up a conversation with Paul Cherubini is a much needed thing to do.

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  • M

    Mr. JarvisMay 4, 2023 at 1:42 pm

    Nice job Eli. You interview with Paul was great. What I love most about this boutique is that it smells like my grandmother’s basement. Always gives me a nostalgic feeling when I go to peruse the LPs. Thanks for bringing this hidden gem to life.

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    Cara QuinnMar 10, 2023 at 9:35 am

    Great article, Eli. This is incredible writing.