Rishi Bala Meenakshi

Chat GPT’s rise brings forth a new era in tech.

Dethroning of a Search Giant

Late last year, due to the popularization of the release of CHAT GPT, an AI language model, more simply referred to as a “Chat Bot”, tech giants Microsoft and Google, are vigorously creating their own implementation of this type of AI.

“The first set of categories in which we should use these powerful models are where humans, unambiguously, unquestionably, are in charge. And so as long as we sort of start there, characterize these models, make these models more safe and over time much more explainable, then we can think about other forms of usage,” stated Satya Nadella, the current standing CEO of Microsoft, who shared his opinion on the new so-called “race” in the tech world with CBS news. 

The sensation that resulted from CHAT GPT’s release became world renowned, due to its eerie human-like tone in its responses from simple to detailed prompts, which stands as a testament in technological evolution. 

Microsoft then later capitalized on this opportunity of rise in popularity of AI and how it is being democratized, and made an official public announcement of its deal with CHAT GPT’s parent company, Open AI. 

With this new collaboration came with a new perspective and a new implementation on Microsoft’s side on establishing their own form of AI, which, as of the past few weeks, came in the from of an updated version of their old browsers, that brought a CHAT-GPT like functionality,  while simultaneously renovated their browsers’ other features. With this new found partnership,  Microsoft hopes to polish its overall business model that works more coherently with the new addition.

Google has launched its own model, now known as “BARD”, which is powered by LaMDA, one of Google AI precursors. More information was released on BARD, in one of Google’s shows in Paris where there was a particular “incident” that was considered to be the primary reason for a 100 Billion dollar loss in Google’s market value.

 Currently there hasn’t been any direct word received from Google’s current standing CEO, Sundar Pichai, which raises doubt about the company’s potential failure. It is now a well known fact that Google is receiving a full blown attack from Microsoft and a potential takeover as the current reigning king of search. 

“It’s not like this is the end of the world for Google and Microsoft is going to eat its lunch in search,” says CFRA analyst ANGELO ZINO, but based on how the news was received by the public, is that really the case? 

While it is most important that Google is the predominant search engine in the market, and accounts for about 84.08% of all searches, it is also important to look at the nature of approach that both sides took in this so-called “race”. In Satya’s case, he believes that with the assistance of AI, Microsoft will become a top contender with the likes of Google and believes in the fact that it will also become a major proponent and a pioneer in this new age of search.

“While we have built the first half of the AI interface of communications, it is important that we build the second part that includes the notion of safety and takes into account producing alternative responses towards the other sides of the same scenarios,” said a member of the IT department from a small tech company in CT.

 Essentially, people now more than ever, are worried about the inherent dangers that come along with such a prevalent new excitement around new technologies, and how they might someday take over their own roles in society. 

But it is important to note that as of now, AI is only in its primitive stages therefore its capabilities in replacing all of human labor is near impossible, referring back to the discussion with CBS news, Satya Nadella stated, “it has to get aligned with human preferences, both personally and societally in terms of the norms.”

The overall message conveyed by this new expression of human innovation, often comes as dangerously imposing, but taking into account the true logistics behind the making of such AI models affirms the fact that nothing without thought is being pushed out into the world; therefore, people can rest easy knowing that companies are considering all the different kinds of drawbacks that comes with meddling with this kind of technology, and what possible new additions they can bring into this world.



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