Is Greek Life More Than Just Parties?

Jeffrey Chavez with his fraternity brothers from Central Connecticut State University

Jeffrey Chavez

Jeffrey Chavez with his fraternity brothers from Central Connecticut State University

Everyone is very excited about graduating and going off to college. This is an exciting time, especially for seniors. College students go into these groups called Greek life. It helps them make friends and put themselves out there. Sororities and Fraternities are social organizations usually for undergraduate college students. It’s amazing since it also carries out into life because you make lifelong friends, and this also helps with connections in jobs. 

To add, many questions go along with Greek life. One big question is what is the point of Greek life? Greek life supports students in the academic area and develops social and leadership skills. Going into college is a scary thing, some people find it hard to make friends. These organizations make it easy to find people you connect with and can allow you to build your way up a ladder, academically and socially. 

¨Are people in Greek life happier?¨ Greek life seems to be a lot of fun, especially on social media. A survey was conducted by The Wall Street Journal found that college graduates who were a part of Greek life were happier than their peers who didn’t pledge. They have better engagement in jobs, less stress about money, and better social lives.

People love to assume that Greek life is parties, parties, and more parties, but it’s much more than that. Jeffrey Chavez, a former CCSU student, attested to how Greek life has affected him. ¨It provided opportunities, resources, and mentorship that helped with my professional development and personal growth.¨

Greek life has also been critical in forging many long-term friends. ¨I talk to my brothers daily even though I graduated six years ago. I have relationships with brothers across the country even though we went to different universities. My current employer is a fraternity brother,¨ Chavez adds.