Letter To The Editor: More Scares at Halloween Than the Costumes

This article is very eye-opening, and I’d like to thank you for putting children’s health first and promoting safe behaviors during a more sinister holiday. The threat of Fentanyl, I believe, is something we must all be aware of and take care to eliminate. However, it doesn’t do any good to spread misinformation; it creates paranoia at a time when it’s important to be clear-headed and logical. This applies to the news about Fentanyl and its connection to Halloween.

I appreciate the tips you suggested to keep kids safe during Halloween, but this letter is to clarify that the threat of Fentanyl to children on Halloween is not as serious as you make it. I don’t write this to undermine your concern, but rather to dispel the false rumors and paranoia that would overtake the proper precautions we should take in this situation.

Citing the source that was used for your article, “Unfounded fears about rainbow fentanyl become the latest Halloween boogeyman”, this alarm of rainbow fentanyl is unfounded, especially when it comes to it appearing in a child’s trick-or-treating bag. There’s no reason to get overly worried about drugs finding its way into a young child’s hands because dealers target teens.

Overall, it’s very important to be safe during holidays when children and teens are most exposed, so thank you for bringing this into light.