Dance Carries Kids Through Life

Dance Carries Kids Through Life

Lori Hursty

“Dance progressions was founded with the knowledge that the arts have a unique power to engage and motivate children.” Dance Progressions is a local dance company here in South Windsor, run by Christina Shortt, and Ballet Director of the studio Amy Elkins. They run a very successful dance company that lets people of all ages come and learn how to dance. They also run an award-winning Rave dance team, which lets dancers from the age of 9 to 18 compete in various competitions all around Connecticut.

Shortt used to be a professional musical theater jazz dancer who traveled up and down the East Coast guest choreographing for other studios. She worked for many studios over the years when she finally decided that she had enough background information to start a successful business of her own. “I love seeing people reach their full potential and the goals they set,” explained Shortt.

Shortt believes that dance stays with you for your entire life. Even when you stop dancing, the discipline you learn in ballet stays with you when you’re applying to college or applying for a job. Simple things such as straightening your back helps kids have better posture in life. Shortt also believes that kids who work hard at things like dance competitions will learn to work hard at other things. “I think that dance lessons equal life lessons and whether dancers go on to be professionals or not, I think their training helps them with basic things in life,” said Shortt.

Students have commented, “I love going to dance to see all my friends.”
“ I also love how the teachers push me to my limits, to make me a better dancer,” says another student.
“I’ve been competing at the studio for at least 6 years now going on to my seventh. I’ve also been dancing there as a student for even longer. I love the teachers and how they help me achieve my full potential. Dance Progressions has pushed me as a dancer, and it’s because of that I have great relationships with my teammates and use the lessons that I’ve learned in dance class to make me a better person in life.”

This year, the studio has so many fun things planned for their students: the Rave students will compete in three competitions this year and then Dance Progressions Ballet team will compete in a event called CT Classic where they take a master class with numerous ballet instructors and then they will get to compete ballet variation solos from other ballet performances. Dance progression will end the year with their annual recital, where all the dancers at the studio will put on a show for their friends, family and alumni! Then a special treat for the dance team; they will travel back to Orlando to perform on the Universal stage!