Letter To The Editor: The Haunting of Beelzebub Road

The Haunting of Beelzebub Road sounds impossible. The Haunting of Beelzebub Road sounded much like other similar haunted houses and myths. The topic of haunted and scary things always fits the October theme but sometimes the evidence to support claims like these aren’t all there. There is a good amount of evidence within the article. There are thousands of myths, legends, and scary stories that are made up everyday or even exist within a culture’s folktale. Many of these urban legends originate from a long time ago. Legends feel more realistic when they’ve been dated back long ago. The beginning story of the missing cow could be explained by her being dragged out by a larger animal and killed off further from where the cow lived and then have the remains discovered. Walter Green could’ve also just killed her and left her body far out to decompose. The low service is common in areas where you are in the middle of nowhere. Eerie feelings are explained by the stories and folktales being all in your head. Ghosts and hauntings most of the time are in the viewer’s head. A lot of paranormal stuff is only caused from thoughts and haunting from within your own self. You yourself give the ghosts “power”. There are two different types of people, one that wakes up in the middle of the night to a strange sound and says the wind then goes back to sleep. The other type of person will stay up all night thinking it’s a ghost, losing sleep and ruining their next day. A lot of the time these stories just have too little evidence to come to a conclusion so people come up with their own.