Letter to the Editor: Scandalous Halloween Costumes, Agree or Disagree?

To Jack Huot, an editor of the Bobcat Prowl,

Huot talks about an unspoken problem, Halloween. Since anybody can remember, teenagers and young adults are making a children’s holiday an excuse to dress risque. They make bad decisions, ¨18% of the people who die in fatal crashes on Halloween are teens.¨

This is a topic that I’m glad someone finally stood up and talked about.

 Kids go from house to house asking adults for candy while dressed in cute innocent costumes. At the same time, others are making an innocent cat costume into lingerie and ears. 

To bring support to Huots’ article, this has been occurring for so long. The reason behind this is that the same kids that dress like sweet nurses see their same costume but with fewer items of clothing. All kids want to grow up fast and when they finally get to a certain age they follow in the footsteps of everyone else. 

As Huot made clear, self-expression is great but why does that have to be expressed on a children’s holiday? Self-expression can be done in ways that aren’t so risky. I’ve seen a costume of a girl dressed as an LGBTQ flag. That is an amazing way to express your thoughts and self without completely exposing yourself. 

For previous years, maybe we can start dressing in ways that make others laugh or think. Halloween is a night of fun and excitement, dress as you please and what makes you confident but remember the true meaning of this holiday.