A Bobcat’s Mind in Verse


A call to all the Bobcat Poets, a brand new contest has been introduced in the school.  Through Mind’s Eye, South Windsor High School’s own literary magazine. The student base now has the prime opportunity to not only get their creativity out into the world and school, but also collect a small prize.  

Ms. Flachsbart, SWHS English teacher and advisor for the group, is a five year veteran of Mind’s Eye.  “(We) want to celebrate the talent in (the) school, and create an opportunity to spark creativity,” explained Flachsbart. The long-time advisor also promised there would be a prize awaiting the victor of the contest, although the prize itself was kept secret. It was confirmed, though, that the victor’s poetical piece would be guaranteed a spot in the completed version of the 20 plus year running magazine.

The magazine itself is a longtime staple of the South Windsor High School.  Running for well over 20 years, it has been collecting and presenting student work for decades.  Open to all students, anything from short stories to illustrations can be submitted.  The newly established Poetry contest stands as a new way to get into the magazine, along with offering students a reward.

 A possible theme for hopeful Bobcat poets is “windows”, though, “the poem can really be anything,” attested Ms. Flachsbart.  Contestants must have a minimum of 8 lines and all completed pieces should be shared with either a member of Mind’s Eye, Ms. Flachsbart, or Mrs. Frasier by December 12.  More information can also be found on the fliers which are scattered throughout the school.  Best of luck to all the poets who try their hand at the contest.

Even when poetry doesn’t allow the quill to rise, yet creativity continues to flow through the student body, Mind’s Eye is working to get it out into not only the school, but the world. They will be hosting their first coffee house of the year, which is an open-minded space for students to share their works, sometime in December. It is open to all who have something to say and a story to tell.  The official date is to be announced in the coming weeks,  For any additional questions regarding the contest, the coffee house, or Mind’s Eye, please contact Mrs. Flachsbart in room 129 or [email protected].