The Haunting of Beelzebub Road

South Windsor’s most chilling street

The Avery Street Church, adjacent to Beelzebub road, at dusk.


The Avery Street Church, adjacent to Beelzebub road, at dusk.

Beelzebub, by definition, is 1: the devil, or 2: a fallen angel in Milton’s Paradise Lost ranking next to Satan. Beelzebub claims to cause destruction through tyrants, to cause demons to be worshiped among men, to excite priest to lust, to cause jealousises in cities and murders, and to bring war. 

If you drive down the long bumpy Beelzebub Road, you might not think much of it, but there are more chilling stories beneath the bumps on Beelzebub, and it starts decades back. With a road originally named “Lovely Street,” unexpected events would change the road forever. 

In the summer of 1922, on August 14th, South Windsor resident Mina Bissell went looking for her cow. Mrs. Bissell would not be seen again until December 11th, 1930. But when she was found, it was only her skeletal remains left. Before her skeleton and bones were found, her clothing was found 11.2 miles from where her remains were found. 

Bissell’s death was seemingly caused by foul play, but who would murder an innocent women? 

Walter Green, son of Mina Bissell. There have been a lot of stories and speculations about Green. Most claim he was an “odd” and “strange” person. Neighbors of Green alleged he was a violent man, others claimed he was crazy, while others believed he suffered from Alzheimer’s. It has also been rumored that Green was admitted to an insane asylum, and escaped. The Prowl was unable to verify these accounts.

No one was ever charged with the murder of Mrs. Bissell, but many people believe Walter Green, her son, was the most likely suspect.

Green and Bissell both lived in a house near the field on Beelzebub, which would later burn down due to a fire. If you drive down Beelzebub, you can still see where the house once stood. 

On September 23rd, 2003, Avery Street Church members awoke to the news that a fire caught in the education wing of the church, destroying and badly damaging the sanctuary. The fire had made the church uninhabitable.

While the church is called “Avery Street”, the church’s address is set on Beelzebub Road. But the church is named Avery Street, because why would a church name itself something related to the devil? 

While those are stories in old newspapers, there have been some claims from other South Windsor residents, under an article written on the CTMQ website about Beelzebub. Many people claimed to have seen an unknown man walking the streets of Beelzebub, some have claimed to have an eerie feeling when on the street. But one common factor is that when it comes to cell service, Beelzebub is known as a “dead zone,” if you look at your phone no matter what provider you have, you will notice you only have one bar all the way down the road. Coincidence? 

You will hear many different stories, and theories about this road. Some people believe that there is no connection between the name of the street, and the happenings of the street. Some people claim none of the stories are true.