Harry’s House Era: Is The Album Worth The Listen?

Harry’s House Era: Is The Album Worth The Listen?

Jack Huot, Copy Editor

It’s been two weeks since May 20th, the day Harry Styles released his new album, Harry’s House. Styles graciously gave us the album with 13 songs and a runtime of 42 minutes, which is enough time to decide which songs stand out. 


The new album is about home. It encapsulates the bittersweet moments that Styles cherishes. “Sitting in the garden” and the feeling of home “in terms of a headspace or mental well-being,” he says. 


Like everyone after the COVID-19 lockdown, Styles prioritized different things than he usually did when out touring. Better Homes & Gardens who ‘housed’ Styles in their June 2022 issue says that “he used lockdown to commit to being a better friend, son, brother. And like most people who found themselves… very inside, he thought a lot about the idea of home — about belonging, peace, sanctuary.” 


Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty as I dissect and rank the songs with my own short opinion. I have to preface this by saying that all of these songs are phenomenal with the lyrics but when it comes to the actual rhythm, beat, and instrumentation timing, a good song can become easily lost. 


*I will not give a lengthy summary of the songs so reference to the album for every song


#13 Boyfriends – 

I’m not saying every song needs a part where it picks up but I do think this song would be good if it picked up a bit from the depressing tone. I like the lyrics and how raw and intimate he gets with the story, other than that it’s not a song I can see myself listening to willingly as it’s too slow.


#12 Love Of My Life – 

Likewise, I actually like the lyrics and instruments to this song but it’s too short for what I need. It’s 3 minutes and 11 seconds long and within those minutes the chorus appears too many times to count. Styles could have easily filled excess chorus parts with more creative verses.


#11 Matilda – 

People are lying when they say this is their favorite song on the album. The song itself is definitely on the sad side but it’s not that sad that I could jam out to like the sad songs on his past albums. I applaud him for being intimate, but I needed to be more energetic. I also just think it’s overhyped which may fuel its placement on this list.


#10 Music For a Sushi Restaurant – 

This song is loved by TikTok and Spotify. Taking over the majority of the streams for the album thus far, the song is definitely a favorite by fans. I’m sorry, I don’t think I like this song. The beginning does indeed sound like the theme song to the old Disney Channel show Ant Farm. His harmonizing voice at the beginning yet angelic is annoying at the same. I also think this is more of a gospel church song, I will not be listening to this in the summer. 


#9 Keep Driving –

Like the other sad songs, this one is more casual and tells a comforting story that can be easily followed. Unlike the others, this song has a contagious beat that’s simple and effortlessly likable. I also like that this song is only 2 minutes and 16 seconds long because he gets right to the point and doesn’t have to repeat any chorus to fill up more minutes. 


#8 Little Freak –

Something about this song is so cringey to me and I think it’s the way he says “Little freak, Jezebel”. I also think like the other monotone/ sad songs this one fails to take off. Others may say it won’t need to be picked up because it’s more of a story than an actual song. With that said, I think that justifies its placement on the list. But I also like the chorus a lot in this song. The way Styles recorded multiple pieces of his voice to fit under one part to sound harmonic was very well orchestrated.

Songs from here on out were challenging to rank as I love all of them a lot more than the previous ones.


#7 GrapeJuice –

I love the chorus here, the way his voice gets high, and he says “There’s just no getting through.. Without you” touch the skin on my arms. The song would be placed higher but due to the fact that his other verses were just as likable, I see it hard being all the way up there. One of the verses talks about a conversation he has with a lover in one of their gardens as an older adult. By this time his voice gets a little muffled but just enough to still understand him which for some reason I love.


#6 Cinema – 

The beat reminds me of a calm trip to the beach in the dog days of summer. The consistency and smoothness of the beat continue throughout the song which is positive and negative. I love it so much but I wish it switched up by the end whether it sped up or slowed down. Other than that there’s not much to complain about.


#5 Daydreaming –

Just like the screaming and harmonic voice that occurs in Music For a Sushi Restaurant, it occurs in this song. But I enjoy this harmonic voice better as it’s subtle and doesn’t make me uncomfortable. On top of that, the harmonic voices are paired with a nice trumpet of some sort and a drum set that never fails to make me wanna dance so yas 10/10 tbh. From here on it just gets better.


#4 Daylight – 

I am going to be honest, the first time I heard the song I thought it was going to be boring because all it was doing was telling a story with an okay beat. Like the other subtle songs on the album, I just put them aside but when I came back to this one specifically my tastes changed. The beginning though slow unravels what is to come by the end and that’s a band of instruments grouping together at points in the song. This is by far my favorite storytime song on the album.


#3 As It Was –

I am not going to do a lengthy review for this one as it was released before the album which means you’ve probably listened to it. Everything is there in the song, the beat, the story, and the voice. All of this packed into a vulnerable song makes it the best song for relaxing on the beach (specifically in 75-degree weather)


#2 Satellite –

The beginning reminds me of a bird hooting in the trees which sounds funky but it’s calming. By the first minute, the song picks up to the chorus which is probably the most scream-able chorus on the album. I could just let it all go and scream this song with my friends. No complaints from me… other than the fact that it should be longer.


#1 Late Night Talking –

Now… this song is juicy. It’s a revelation of the year 2022. I think this song revealed Victoria’s secret. I think if the queen of England heard this song her body would evaporate. This song tastes like Mcdonald’s sprite on a summer day. Everything is here and on top of that it’s a scream-able song for any day of the week; any emotion you’re feeling it’s there for you. It’s short but of course, it’s sweet which justifies its length. 


Overall, Styles’ album masters the art of feeling comfortable and homey wherever and whenever you choose to listen to it. 


“I realized that that home feeling isn’t something that you get from a house; it’s more of an internal thing. You realize that when you stop for a minute,” – Harry Styles