Rihanna’s Pregnant! But Not What Fans Were Expecting…

Rihanna’s Pregnant! But Not What Fans Were Expecting…

Jack Huot, Copy Editor

Five days ago the pop music star and makeup mogul, Rihanna announced her pregnancy to the world via an Instagram post, but fans seem to be more concerned about the lack of new music.


The thirty-three-year-old singer is known for her more than a decade-long successful career, putting out record-breaking albums like Good Girl Gone Bad and Anti. Her latest album, Anti, was a rebellious anti-pop eye-opener, contrasting from her past electronica genre. Chart Data reports that “Rihanna’s 2016 album ‘ANTI’ has now spent 275 weeks on Billboard’s 200 Albums chart.” The statistical base site adds that Anti became “the 5th longest-charting album by a female artist. 


In September 2020, Rihanna was seen roaming the streets of New York City with the rapper A$AP Rocky, though many weren’t shocked that the two were hanging out. According to Cosmopolitan, “The singer and rapper have worked together multiple times over the years, sparking their fair share of relationship rumours along the way.” The pair didn’t officially confirm their relationship until A$AP Rocky was interviewed by GQ Magazine.


“So much better when you got ‘the one.’ She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones,” he said. “I think when you know, you know. She’s the one.” The GQ interview took place in May 2021, not even a year has passed since their big news. 


After @badgalriri posted her baby bump on Instagram, fans fled the comment sections, some even took it to Twitter to spread the news. “Rihanna PREGNANT congrats babie omg” @rihannahourlyy wrote in support of her pregnancy. Though everyone overall shared their support, some people took it a step further to establish their frustration over the lack of new music.


“Well now, the only way we are getting an album from Rihanna at this point is if the baby is named album,” @ChrisKlemens suggested. Another user with the name of @NecioJavs pleaded for reassurance, “Maybe Rihanna isn’t pregnant. Maybe it’s a stunt to announce her new album?????? Right?” One user even accepted the news and came to a consensus with themselves saying, “Even though we ain’t getting an album no time soon, I’m happy for her” (@BLM_004).


While some are counting down the days until her next album, I personally will be eager to see the day when that mini Rihanna comes into the world. According to simple math, Rihanna is set to give birth around late spring, early summer 2022. That raises many questions, one in specific… will she truly name her kid album?