Exploring the Lives of the Four-teen Victims In The OHS Shooting

Exploring the Lives of the Four-teen Victims In The OHS Shooting

Izabella McKenna, Multimedia Manager

A football player, a basketball & volleyball player, an artist, plus a restaurant employee were killed in a small community when a 15-year-old allegedly opened fire on November 30 at his high school. Authorities are thoroughly investigating to find the motive of the Oxford High School shooting suspect who killed four fellow students. 

Karen McDonald, Oakland County Prosecutor said on Wednesday, “Ethan Crumbley, would be charged as an adult with one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of assault with intent to murder, and 12 counts of possession of a firearm.”

Tate Myre, 16 

People that knew Myre described him as an outstanding athlete, role model, and an extraordinary person. Myre died a little later after the shooting while a local deputy attempted to rush him to a nearby hospital. 

Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff said, “The deputy saw that there was such a grievous wound that there was no time to wait and tried to load him in the car to get them as fast as he could to a hospital”

Drake Biggie a recent Oxford High school graduate and Myre’s former teammate explains how he and Myre have been friends since a young age. “Everyone wanted to talk to Tate, everyone wanted to be around Tate” 

Oxford Football’s Twitter account posted this on Tuesday, “It is with great grief that one of the victims of the tragic event at OHS today was one of our own, Tate Myre, Tate was a great young man with a bright future and beloved by all.”

A petition was created to rename Oxford High’s Wildcat Stadium after Myre. The petition has gotten more than 65,000 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon. In the petition’s comments, people have called Myre a “hero” and “the face of our football team” Along with the hashtag #42, which was the number that Myre wore on his jersey. 

Hana St. Julianna, 14 

St. Julianna was the youngest person to get killed in the shooting. St. Julianna played both basketball and volleyball at Oxford High. St. Juliana’s father says that Julianna is “one of the happiest and most joyful kids.”

Oxford High School Woman’s Basketball Twitter posted “We will never forget your kind heart, silly personality, and passion for the game,” read the tweet from the school’s basketball program. “Since 6th-grade camp you have stayed dedicated to Oxford Basketball, soaking in the game. This season we play for you, Hana.”

Madisyn Baldwin, 17 

Madisyn Bladwin was an artist who loved to draw, write and read, Baldwin had been accepted into multiple colleges, some with a full scholarship. Baldwin was the oldest child in her family, she is living on in the hearts of her half-brother and two sisters.

Baldwin’s grandmother told Detroit TV station WDIV, “It’s just surreal,” her voice broke,  “It’s traumatizing, She touched so many people’s hearts. She had so much patience and She was so kind.”

A GoFundMe fundraiser was started and has now collected more than $60,000 for Baldwin’s family as of Wednesday night. The starter of the fundraiser/organizer is Jennifer Graves Mosqueda, Mosqueda identified herself as Baldwin’s grandmother and said her granddaughter Madisyn would call her “GiGi.”

Jennifer Graves Mosqueda wrote, “I’m lost for words and no good at asking for help … however I’m reaching out to all of you … my friends, family and loved ones to help in any way you can, This unbelievable tragedy could never be planned for or expected by any of us.”

Justin Shrilling, 17 

Shilling was a senior and he was a co-captain of Oxford High’s bowling team and he was also a golfer, McDonald said on Wednesday. 

Shilling was also “an exemplary employee” and “simply a pleasure to be around” at Anita’s Kitchen, a Lebanese restaurant in Lake Orion. “Since we opened our doors in Lake Orion in December of 2019, much of our staff has consisted of Oxford High School students,” the restaurant posted. “Simply put – we would not be a restaurant without them. Our heart aches for them all, as they begin to heal from this tragedy.”

Alex Garcia who met Shilling through mutual friends a year ago said he recalled Justin inviting him to the restaurant that he worked for. Shilling was always “kind, respectful, and a hard worker,” Garcia wrote in a message to The Post. He was “that kid that’s always cool with everyone.”

Justin Shilling died Wednesday morning, a day after the shooting, at McLaren Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, Mich. 

Tate Myre, Hana St. Julianna, Madisyn Baldwin, and Justin Shrilling’s lives were cut short when tragedy struck Oxford High School on November 30th.