Excelling SWHS Sports Teams


Mike Nelson, Writer

How many SWHS sports teams would you consider good?  Here we explain the good SWHS sports teams for the week.  

Let’s start with the first team which is the girls volleyball team which had a dominant win against Simsbury winning the game 3-1.  And I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Julia Ghagare who is a senior on the team.  I asked her what the team did to make sure they don’t lose focus during a game and she said, “Our coach pushes us to remember to play in 5-point games, so we don’t get overwhelmed by gaps in points. We focus on ourselves and earning one point at a time.”  I also asked her what she and the team tend to focus on during practice.  And she had this to say.

 “We tend to practice serve-receive the most, working on transitioning back and forth across the court. In the heat of the moment, it is important to know where you are and where you need to go in order for the play to happen successfully.”  

But the girls volleyball team wasn’t the only good South Windsor team, the boys soccer team also got their record to 3-2-1 in a game against Enfield.  

Kyle Maher who is another sports writer for the Journal Inquirer wrote an article about the boys win and even got to interview player Drew Monteserin.  “Monteserin demonstrated his scoring prowess Wednesday, pouncing on a loose ball in the Enfield penalty box and slipping it past Eagles goalkeeper John Bellafronte to propel the visiting Bobcats to a 1-0 victory in CCC East play.”  Like I mentioned earlier, Maher got a chance to interview Drew Monteserin after the win.  

Monteserin said, “‘I definitely need to talk more on the field.  I need to talk to my teammates and motivate them and help them succeed.’”  Words like these show a player’s true passion for a sport.  

It is safe to say that this will not be the first time that we see these teams on the good side of play for SWHS.  The team’s mentality and skill is definitely pulling for winning records and we will see more teams in articles like this as the year progresses.  In summary SWHS is starting off strong with these 2 teams getting an early start to an above average record.