Quarter Four Is Making Me Lose My Mind


Cael Brennan, Editor

If quarter 3 left like a dream, then quarter 4 came in like a mack truck stampeding over mine and everyone’s bodies. 

As foremostly, I’m tired. No, not a valley girl, “I’m just like so tirrrrred”, rather instead dig me a big enough grave so that I follow social distance protocol. When every class with such ease has transitioned from a light exercise in education to a mental labyrinth from 7:25 a.m to 2:00 p.m.

Leading to the massive conclusion that, I and everyone else did not appreciate my good girl quarter 3 enough. She was never the type to throw me in what effectively felt like a used student bargain bin within some classes. And, bestie was heavily praying for my downfall when she set me up with the comfort of having a hybrid schedule that appeased every bit of my student temple. 

As of now what I’m left with are remnants and fragments of what was, and the suffocating feeling of knowing every class is gonna be that damn exhausting. Okay but perhaps I’m too negative, I do appreciate knowing that people who have letter S last names aren’t just google androids and instead are actual people. Oh, and nothing can forgo the homey sensation of hearing the trickling of cusses or slurs whisper in through the hallways once again.

School is actually starting to feel eerily normal again, which is cool. As however-much, I DON’T THINK the complete upheaval for one quarter was the best play. I do believe with balancing the putrid blandness of a mask’s smell and the dedication to moving forward, we can actually put life back into South Windsor High School.