Free Breakfast and Lunch for all! But for how long?

Free Breakfast and Lunch for all! But for how long?

Noah Gehris and Jason Alwang

One of the most impactful ways Covid 19 has affected families is with the increase of unemployment. This then provides an increased stress with how families will be providing their children with necessary meals. On the week of November 2nd the school started to offer free breakfast for all students regardless of household income. This is the first year they have provided this service to students due to the impact of COVID-19. The school wants to make sure that all students are being provided the meals and nutrition they need.


The school made this decision during these tough times  to help limit the decreasing numbers of meals for students and to help remove this additional stressor. Ever since Covid 19 started the school has found ways to adapt to change. We have seen this with the new schedule changes, distant learning and now with this new breakfast program. In this breakfast program, Chartwells, the food program at the school is providing a muffin, cheese stick, and orange juice everyday. They say they get around 20 students actually taking advantage of the free breakfast. 


Along with the free breakfast the school is also providing a free lunch meal. This happens during students periods five and six. At select times during these periods students are allowed to go to the hallways where there are lunch stands setup and grab their free lunch meal. While this is happening for students in school, students participating in the hybrid or full time distance learning also have an opportunity to receive a free meal. If students show up to school from anywhere between 1 and 1:30 students will be able to grab a free lunch and then head back home. From an anonymous student they liked the idea, “It gives kids the opportunity to get free food when they want to because of the situation.” Students that have been taking advantage of this have really liked the idea.


An anonymous parent voiced their input on this new program. They stated, “I think this program is wonderful to be able to support students that may have food insecurity due to unemployment caused by Covid 19. I only wish the program was just for food insecure families to prolong the service for those truly in need.” A lot of parents have voiced their concerns about the kids in need not receiving the meals they need, but instead kids who have food security may be able to take advantage of the system, simply because they may have forgotten to eat at home or did not plan their time accordingly. Is the food security at school guaranteed for every student or is there truly limited amount each day, where those in need may not be able to to eat?