South Windsor Students Talk About The Changes In Distance Learning Since Spring

South Windsor Students Talk About The Changes In Distance Learning Since Spring

Katelyn Drenga, Editor

This fall, SW students express how working on the new hybrid model, in order to better deal with Covid, differs from all at home distance learning last spring.


When Covid first arose, it was unexpected how students would go about learning. Not only was covid a new virus, but it also eliminated social interaction and large groups. Educators/teachers now had to work with new ways to teach in order to hopefully, help students still be able to get the information they need in each subject.


After 6 months of the virus, not just the model High Schoolers are working with has changed. Students at S.W express their thoughts about the structure, workload, and overall experience in classes.


One student at S.W.H.S, Abby seaborn said, “In the spring, I don’t think anyone really knew what to do because Covid-19 was new. Going to google meets weren’t required in the spring while now they are. In fall, the teachers and staff planned on what they were going to do this year over the summer.” 


Compared with last year’s spring model where there was only 1 optional google meet per week, the hybrid is broken into cohorts, and meets are mandatory along with other new boundaries and guidelines. The hybrid model, a model which consists of 2 cohorts, helps eliminate the spread by having half of the students go into school one day, and half the other. 


In the Student Handbook for S.W high school students, the new fall hybrid model schedule is explained. The handbook states, “Students who select the hybrid option will be placed in one of two “cohorts” according to last name, (students with last name A – K will be in the Maroon Cohort, students with last name L – Z will be in the Gold Cohort). When one cohort attends school in-person, the other cohort will be “attending” classes virtually, and vice versa.”


Unlike the previous model, students are not only now able to come to class in person, but allowed to also participate in school clubs, sports with the proper restrictions. 


Another student, Alyssa Drenga expresses that the new model not only is more structured in just the plan but the engagement of student learning. Drenga said, “This fall, there was more engagement than in the spring. The google meets had fewer tech problems and people are getting a better hang of things”


Whilst, the many struggles of Covid-19 still remain in the daily lives of many students, the new model gives way to more opportunities, and helps lower the spread of Covid, so students and their families can stay safe, aiming to get on a path, where things are normal again next year.