South Windsor High School’s 2020 Graduation


Caitlin Sze, Writer

In a recent email sent to the students and parents of South Windsor High School, it was confirmed that the graduation was going to be a drive-thru. Here is some more information on what to expect, and how it will work. 

As of right now, the graduation ceremony is dated for Wednesday, June 17, at 4:00pm with a rain date of Thursday, June 18. A rehearsal of the car commencement ceremony is being taken place by the staff members of the high school, to see if an earlier time start is needed. The staff is planning to livestream the graduation so that other relatives and peers may view the ceremony from their homes. Only one car per family is allowed, and it is likely that the school will graduate seniors in “waves according to the alphabetical breakdown of students’ last names.” 

South Windsor High School is also collaborating with the South Windsor Fire department for the graduation car parade following immediately after the ceremony. Once this plan is finalized, more information will be sent out to families. Principal Rizzuto emphasizes that their, “planning efforts are aimed at providing a memorable experience for our graduates and their families and we are working hard to create a streamlined process.” In addition to information regarding the car ceremony, here is what some students have to say. 

Senior Disha Verma is thankful our school is having an actual ceremony. She says that, “regardless of it being a drive-though [she] believes the staff has done a great job in the set up during these difficult times.” She is grateful for all the efforts the teachers have put into with making senior year the best for our class and, “although we may not be allowed to be physically close to each other it is the thought that counts.” Verma is looking forward to seeing her friends and teachers one more time before heading off to college. 

Senior Joanne Biju is disappointed by the situation, as many seniors are but she is, ‘really appreciative of everything that’s been put together for us, like the cupcakes and yard signs.” She, like others, has been quarantined at home but is excited to see everyone’s faces at graduation. Similarly to Biju, Senior Sara Willis believes the, “school is doing all it can to give us the best graduation possible given the current circumstances,” and Wills is grateful for the fact that staff members are putting so much effort into coming up with ways to celebrate. Wills says that having a tribute video and a drive thru ceremony is a great idea and she is looking forward to walking across the stage set up outside to receive her diploma. 

Overall, the students of South Windsor are extremely appreciative of the graduation, while remaining excited to receive their diploma at graduation, where they will say their last goodbyes to friends and teachers before moving onto the next part of their journey.