The Issue of Body Shaming for Young Celebrities

Lynn Sawyer

Billie Eilish has hit top charts at only 18 years old and won her first Grammy this past year. She is a really popular artist of 2020, but what some people don’t know about Elish is her struggle with her body. Recently at the opening of her world tour that has now been canceled, Eilish played a video for her fans that focused on a body-positive message. In the video, Elish talked about the hate she got for people about her body, “If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I am a sl*t” said Eilish. This star is not the only one that has been shamed for the way she looks in Hollywood. Many other stars even younger ones like Charli D’Amelio have been shamed for the way that they look and dress. 

Charli D’Amelio was most recently body-shamed for a video that she posted on Tik Tok in her bikini. Fans were quick to hate on the star and call her nasty things because she was wearing a bathing suit in the video. The star has recently been criticized more and more for her body. D’Amelio has been upset about the issue and tweeted “these grown adults need to stop trying to make me feel bad for making TikTok’s with my friends on the beach what is wrong with these adults picking on teenagers” The hate keeps rolling in for this child star, it’s so bad that when Charli posted her to-do list the last bullet on the list was to not read her own comments. 

Tik Tok stars and young stars in Hollywood are not strangers to scrutiny and criticism. Madi Monroe has also received major hate, with people hating on the way her body looks and telling her she needs to “lose weight”. This got to the star and she tweeted about the hate, saying she got it she needed to lose weight,  and toping that all off with a sad emoji.