Nicole Mann: Her battle Against Cancer

Mann poses, with her dyed hair, for a picture as she prepares to undergo her first chemotherapy treatment.

Mann poses, with her dyed hair, for a picture as she prepares to undergo her first chemotherapy treatment.

Kelli Mann, Writer

Nicole Mann, freshman at South Windsor High School, proves herself to be a brave and determined teenager. Within the past year, Mann has proven the will to fight within her personality through life changing experiences. She has faced many challenges, but has never failed to continue to fight until the end.

In February of 2019, Mann was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. She underwent numerous rounds of chemotherapy and nights in the hospital. Although she says the experience was frightening at times, she claims that it taught her a lot. “I learned that I’m strong. Life goes by fast and you never know when it could change. That’s why you have to live life to the fullest,” says Mann. Her undivided fight in the battle against cancer was not left unrewarded. She was announced as cancer free in July that same year. Throughout this experience and beyond, Mann claims that her family and friends played an important part in her recovery she states, “Not once was I left doubting the support of my friends and family.” From the day of her diagnosis to the day she returned to school, her friends and family have been a constant backbone to cheer her on. Without the support of each and every one of them she would’ve struggled to stay confident and content. 

Outside of school, Mann is a member of South Windsor For The Kids due to the unconditional love for helping other kids in similar situations as she once was. Her love for makeup and fashion design were an escape from the fear of her battle with cancer. She aspires to pursue a career in this field.  In her free time, she also finds happiness in watching her favorite Netflix shows, The Office and Shameless, along with hanging out with the many friends that she has.

All in all, throughout each and every experience, Mann has never let anyone down. Her constant will to fight and determination embedded within her personality reflects through every situation she has faced. She has always inspired others to keep their head up and stay brave just as she has. Mann has and will continue to allow her smile and joy to change the world.