Journalists Under Fire after Comments about Blue Ivy

(left to right) Blue Ivy, Beyonce, and Megan Thee Stallion
Source: @theestallion

(left to right) Blue Ivy, Beyonce, and Megan Thee Stallion Source: @theestallion

Lynn Sawyer, Writer

Two journalists have recently been put on blast for their offensive and crude comment toward Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy. K. Austin Collins and Violet Lucca released horrible comments directed at the seven-year-old child after Megan thee Stallion released a photo of the girl on New Years. The two have since apologized, but are still under fire with the public calling for them to be fired.  

After the photo was released, Collins tweeted saying, “I have a feeling the Jay-Z face genes are about to really hit Blue Ivy and I feel so sorry for her.” Since then the tweet has been deleted but not before Beyonce fans, who call themselves the Beehive, got hold of tweet. Violet Lucca who works for Harper’s bazaar, tweeted in response to Collins tweet, “Or she’ll just get plastic surgery at 16 a la Kylie Jenner and we’ll all have to pretend that she always looked that way…I can’t allow myself to feel too sorry for the incredibly rich!”  The public was outraged with the journalist because they felt that the reporters are in a place of power to determine people’s perceptions of different races and genders. After people started to point this out Collins released an apology tweet, “I’m sorry about the Blue Ivy Tweet – bad joke, and black girls, in particular, deserve better” Lucca, on the other hand, was not so quick to apologize for her wrongdoings, instead of releasing an apology she tweeted, ”So I said something petty and have been called, ugly, old, and a racist” Most were not satisfied with Luccas so-called apology. The public felt like she was trying to play the victim which Luca was quick to comment on and say that this was never her intention. Since then she has said that the children of celebrities should be kept off-limits. 

The journalist’s apologies didn’t seem to be enough for some people. Some Beyonce fans tweeted or action to drop the journalists and replace them with “Black females”, because the tweets were thought to be semi-racist. At this point, it is unclear if either company is going to release the journalist after this scandal.