Students Gather For 3 V 3 Basketball Tournament For Hurricane Relief

Students Gather For 3 V 3 Basketball Tournament For Hurricane Relief

Noah Gehris, Editor

On Friday, November 13th, South Windsor High School held a 3 V 3 basketball tournament at the high school for the Hurricane Dorian relief charity. Hurricane Dorian occurred in August of this year and attacked the Bahamas. The school’s event was organized to raise money for Operation Open Hands, which will help the citizens who have lost their homes and possibly their loved ones. 

For Friday’s event, students were required to pay eight dollars to participate, which went towards the cause. As students  gathered to play, they prepared to face the twenty-three teams that were involved. These teams were separated into four divisions that went against each other for three to four games. The best out of every division would go into playoffs and play for the top spot. Mohamad Hamed stated, “The tournament was fun. I really enjoyed the music, I had a great time.”

Students of SWHS were all allowed to come with the fee which opened the event to sixty-nine people playing in the tournament. Also, students were allowed to come and watch the event go down and see the students that could possibly be on the 2019-2020 basketball team.

After all the games were over, students enjoyed pizza, bagels, donuts, and stayed hydrated with water to make sure each player had an equal chance to play their best. Not only this, but by the end of the tournament, the school had raised about six-hundred and nineteen dollars for Operation Open Hands and the people who were affected by the hurricane. 

To explain more, Hurricane Dorian was a tragic event that took the lives of sixty-one people who lived in the areas that were hit by the Hurricane. To add on, the hurricane leaked 1.5 million gallons of oil which affected the Grand Bahama Island. The numbers could add up even though they are attempting to clean the area up from the oil spill.

As the hurricane dissipated on September 10th, the victims of the hurricane are still feeling the effects of the event. An approximate fifteen thousand citizens are still in need of humanitarian aid. The storm has caused the tropical islands to have damage up to approximately three billion dollars. SWHS is proud to have raised a money for a good cause.