The SWHS Band Goes to the Big E!

Jillian Thibodeau, Editor


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  • Mr. Verrastro Showing his gift off that the seniors in Wind Ensemble got him.

  • Seniors, William Smith, Allison Pagliaruli, Melissa Sullivan, and twins Kayla and Jillian Thibodeau Take a selfie with Mr. Verrastro

  • Seniors, Kayla Thibodeau, Melissa Sullivan, William Smith, and Jillian Thibodeau take a picture with the cardboard cutout.

  • Kayla Thibodeau, Melissa Sullivan, Jillian Thibodeau, William Smith, and Allison Pagliaruli presenting the senior gift to Verrastro before the Big E performance.

  • Quillan Reilly (left) and Marco Cortez (right) hugging the Mr. Biggie mascot.

  • Nicole Charron (left), Ananya , Kabrea Akko, Mr. Warnock, and Mrs. Devaney posing inside of a building with vendors.

  • Freshman Matthew Pilat being carried on someone’s shoulders throughout the Big E.

  • Michael Nelson holding a money ball prize that he won.

  • Veena Bellam on the Speed ride.

  • Logan Breen standing with a mascot at the Rhode Island state building.

  • Ryan Dunia (left), Mary Grace Goodale (middle-left), Abby Weiner (middle-right), Kieran Yanaway (right) on the ferris wheel.

  • Sydney Fournier smiling with Mr. Verrastro and Mr. Martineau.

  • Vincent Kuchipudi posing behind a donut cardboard cutout.

  • Olivia Hedley (left) and Veena Bellam (right) seeing if they are tall enough to ride the frisbee ride.

  • Dalton Silverman (in the durag), Luke Drouin (far right), Marco Cortez (bottom), Quillan Reilly (taking picture) taking a selfie with the chaperones.

  • Freshmen, Aditi Malpure (left) and Jocelyn Lessard (right) taking a picture with a lady on stilts.

  • Rohan Rajagopalan (left), Jonathan Gordon, Saif Quraishi, Phil Evans, and Sanjiv Chokshi taking a selfie with two of the chaperones; Mr. Warnock and Mrs. Devaney.

  • A picture taken at the top of the ferris wheel.

  • Students in the SWHS band on the swing ride.

  • (Left to right) Ryan Dunia, Calya Burnham, Olivia Hedley, Sarah Cadman, Spencer Fielding, Ryan Seder, Allison Pagliaruli (sitting, left), Kayla Thibodeau, Melissa Sullivan, William Smith, and Jillian Thibodeau at the top of the hill near the buses waiting to leave the Big E.

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