Why Abortions Should Be Legal Anywhere

Junior Molly Cole advocates for the right that women have to abortion outside the Hartford capitol earlier this year.

Junior Molly Cole advocates for the right that women have to abortion outside the Hartford capitol earlier this year.

Clara Gomes

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Just recently, Alabama lawmakers voted to ban nearly all abortions in the state, including for rape and incest cases. As a result, massive amounts of people across the country have gotten together to protest this disgusting ban and many have spoken out. As a young woman who believes she has the right to decide what she does with her own body, I believe that anyone should have the right to an abortion. Here’s why:

Many times Pro-Life advocates will argue that abortions are horrible because of how the unborn child appears in the process or because of how Pro-Choice people are “baby killers” when in reality, that dismembered, unborn child will never have to live a life of abandonment with parents who are not ready to raise and support a child. Yes, death can be a horrible thing. However, is it worth bringing another child into the foster care system when there are already enough who are in need and don’t have a family to take them in yet? Many Pro-Choice people would agree that the quality of that next person’s life is more important to consider than that idea of death. Why should that person come into the world to suffer for the sole purpose of being alive to live through it?

Not only do Pro-Choice people see how abortion can prevent the suffering of another person in this world, but we also fight for this right because of how many people who have had abortions have positive things to say post operation. After the #YouKnowMe campaign was launched to shed light on abortion, Jackie Speier shared about her positive experience on twitter after hearing actress Busy Philipps’ story on the set of Busy Tonight.

“It was the best choice for my health and my family,” confirms Speier. “While it was an immensely hard decision, I don’t regret it.”

When people are not ready to have kids, an abortion allows them to experience other things in life, such as a college degree and years of hard work that childbirth would not make as easy.

Many students at South Windsor High School are angry upon hearing this about abortions in Alabama. Senior Melody Lozano shares her beliefs: “I believe in Pro-Choice because it is our right as women, including my own, and even the rights of men to be able to make the decision on whether or not a person or a couple is ready to have a child. Women should not be obligated to carry or raise a child if they feel as though they are not yet ready to take on that responsibly.”

Source: Women’s March Canada

Lozano isn’t the only high school student with a strong opinion on the issue. Junior Molly Cole has been a huge advocate for issues regarding climate and abortion in 2019 and has even been to multiple protests at the capitol building in Hartford, Connecticut. After asking the young activist about what bothers her most about the Pro-Life approach, she had this to say: “I understand that having an abortion is not the choice of everyone, but I think it is disgusting to take that away from someone who needs a choice. Some people might never decide to get an abortion, and that’s absolutely valid, but that does not mean that every person is going to make the choice. Everyone should have access to their own personal CHOICE to get an abortion.”

There are so many benefits to having abortions legal that people may not consider right off the bat. Abortions not only allow women to have control over what they do with their own bodies and their futures, but professionally performed abortions also reduce maternal injury caused by unsafe, illegal abortions, the procedures are safe and do not result in any lasting health issues like infertility and/or cancer, and women who decide to have them, according to studies by the American Psychological Association, are less likely to suffer from mental health issues than women who are denied access to legal abortions do.

This is why I advocate for the legalization of abortions anywhere.