Dear Livi: Spring Cleaning

Olivia LaRosa

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Dear Livi,

I am trying to prepare for the spring and get a solid plan going to make it a great season. I am not really sure of what I want to do to get in the spring mindset and have those vibes. I plan on doing some of the basic stuff I do every year like spring cleaning but I want to do something more. Can you help me?




Dear Anonymous,

The spring is coming and that means time for people to put away the winter jackets, start cleaning and to get motivated for a fun filled warm season. The first thing I like to do is start in my room. Put all your winter clothes away and go through your spring ones. Donate what you do not need anymore. After organizing your clothes for the season, clean your whole room so it is rejuvenated. The great thing about this is once you clean out some stuff you can make room for the new!! Go out and buy a spring item that will make you happy. After this if you drive you should clean out your car. Cleaning is a great way to get rid of the old and have a fresh start. During the spring it starts getting warmer out and that means more ice cream and fun treats. Make sure to eat as much of this stuff as you want! My personal favorite place for ice cream is Dzens which is now open for the season. Another favorite is Rita’s which is also now open and serving custard and italian ice. Not only is it time for frozen treats but also iced drinks. Ice tea and ice coffee is the perfect beverage for the warmer weather. At Dunkin you can even get $2 ice coffee from 2-6 everyday. All of these things are items to look forward to in this season and ways you can make it a fun time.


Livi xoxo