Dear Livi: Social Media

Olivia LaRosa

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Dear Livi,

I find myself spending so much time on social media. It almost consumes me. I feel self conscious when I post because I worry what others might think or if my picture is pretty enough or aesthetically pleasing. How can I limit my social media use and stop worrying so much about what I look like through these apps?




Dear Anonymous,

Social media can consume us. Our generation is obsessed with it. We spend so much time on instagram, snapchat and twitter that we almost forget about human interaction at times. Social media can be great. It allows us to communicate with people, see what everyone is up to, share what is happening in our own lives and more. However, it also creates insecurities. We see girls and guys posting and suddenly feel we must look and be just like them. We get insecure about what we look like or if it looks like we are doing something fun or cool in our posts. This is so silly. If we could all just stop worrying about what others think and what our social media pages look like we would all be happier. The best thing we can do is limit our usage. We should only be spending an hour max a day on these apps. Instead get out and do something. Call a friend, go on adventure etc!


Livi xoxo