Pregnant Woman Stabbed to Death in Queens


Murder Victim Jennifer Irigoyen

Mariana Rule

Sunday morning in Queens, New York, a 35 year old woman, Jennifer Irigoyen, was stabbed in her apartment building. The woman was 5 months pregnant and both she and the baby were pronounced dead in the hospital.

Emergency responders received a call early Sunday morning, around 1 am, stating that a woman had been stabbed multiple times. The wounds were reported to be in her neck and torso. The police are currently searching for possible suspects. The leading suspect is currently her boyfriend, who has not been seen since the incident.

Senior, Jess Mann, shares her thoughts on the situation. Mann says that “it’s super suspicious that the boyfriend just disappeared. You’d think that he would want to stay and mourn his girlfriend and baby.” Mann’s opinion became stronger after learning that there were bloody footprints leading away from the scene in addition to an unidentified male fleeing the scene.

A neighbor that spoke to the New York Post said that they heard yelling the night of the stabbing. They claim to have overheard Irigoyen “yelling something about her baby, about wanting to protect her baby.”

The tragedy is still undergoing investigation at this time. The family has shared a statement saying “Domestic violence seized Jenny’s life too soon and in such a tragic way. As her family members, we cannot fathom the fear and anguish that she must have felt during her final moments. She did not deserve this. She deserved to be happy. She deserved to be loved. She deserved to raise her son. We want to see justice served and hope that Jenny’s passing influences others to speak up, leave, report, and diminish domestic abuse from their own lives.”