New Year, New You

A motto to follow in 2019

A motto to follow in 2019

Olivia LaRosa

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Dear Livi,

It is the second week of January. I am trying really hard to follow through with the resolutions I made for the New Year but I seem be struggling. It is so hard to motivate myself and stick with the plan I have set. What advice can you give me on this? I want 2019 to be the year I follow through and do not procrastinate when it comes to accomplishing my goals.



Dear Anonymous,

It is a normal thing to struggle following through with your resolutions. Every year, most people make them with high hopes of what they want to accomplish in the next 365 days. It is hard to keep up with those resolutions once our lives get busy with school, work, sports, music or anything else you do. I personally have set resolutions and have been trying my hardest to stick with them. Some common resolutions are to workout be happy and healthy, save money, eat healthier, or learn a new skill. While your resolution may not be one of these all resolutions take time, effort and patience to reach. Some tips for sticking with your resolutions is:

  1. Give yourself time. You cannot accomplish all your goals in a day.
  2. Manage your time so you can work towards these resolutions and not feel stressed.
  3. Write down your resolutions and put that paper in a spot you can always see to motivate yourself.
  4. Use a calendar to keep track of progress.
  5. Try to focus on one resolution at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself.
  6. Find a friend who may have a similar resolution they are working on. Work on it together!
  7. Remember you are not perfect and the journey to achieving your resolutions will not be and that is OKAY
  8. Set monthly goals for yourself to guide you throughout the year

I hope these tips help you in achieving the resolutions you have set for 2019. Be patient and kind to yourself. After all, it is only the January 11th. You have plenty of time!


XOXO, Livi