The December Mind’s Eye Coffee House!

The December Mind’s Eye Coffee House!

Clara Gomes

On Thursday, December 20th, 2018, the Mind’s Eye club hosted it’s second Coffee House of the school year in the media center from 6-8 pm. This event gave creative people a chance to express themselves and to share their art with others this holiday season. Club organizers, Mrs. Flachsbart and Kyle Garneau, along with other members of the team that create the literary art magazine for the school, were excited to take part. Students of all grade levels were encouraged to come and enjoy spending time with friends, snack on tasty holiday treats, and celebrate their intrinsic motivation for creating art in a stress free environment.

With holiday celebrations just around the corner, many claim that the week before Christmas break is especially stressful. Students seem to believe that teachers seem to constantly give out assignments and cram in tests before leaving for vacation. The Coffee House gives them an opportunity to take some time out of their busy schedules to breathe, sit back, and enjoy writing/performing without being graded.

The turn out was even better than it was at the last Coffee House. There were even some freshmen in college, such as Katie Cole, Branden Barzola, Noah Frank, and Matthew Kennedy, returning to support and to read their own works. Students sang Christmas songs, read poems of their choice, enjoyed hot chocolate, cookies, and other comfort foods. The environment is full of supportive and caring individuals that keep at your side and have your back. Many students were excited to see their friends and to see them reach out of their comfort zones. There were several new people going up to display for us their talents, creations, and passions.

“I’d say that the environment was surprisingly comforting,” states junior, Dan Paliulis. “[It was] accepting, with everybody participating in some way and enjoying themselves.”

Many others came out trying to push themselves in showcasing their creative prowess as Paliulis had, but this, of course, was not mandatory. Many came regardless of their desire not to perform, giving shoutouts to their friends and laughing throughout.

“The Coffee House is a super chill place to just hang out and get to know other people who kind of vibe the same way that I or anyone else in that room does,” reveals another SWHS junior, Ria Sarkar, “It’s a kind of environment where I can forget about all the stress and the worries I have throughout the day. Plus everyone is super talented and can make you cry.”

Many others would agree with Ria that the pieces read and sang for the group are indeed touching. Members of the club and others at the event tonight are satisfied with the warm feeling and the welcoming company involved. In the future, make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Coffee House nights!