How to Deal with Stress in School

Olivia LaRosa

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Dear Livi,

I have been super stressed with all I have had to do lately. Between homework and extracurriculars, I am having a hard time managing my stress and workload. Do you have any tips or tricks on how I can alleviate some of the stress I am feeling and some strategies can use throughout the rest of the year to help me?




Dear Anonymous,

Everyone has a lot of stress put on them in high school. I personally have experienced it with all I try to manage and these are the most effective things I have done to lessen the stress and make myself feel better.

  1. Get a planner or organizer. Write down what you need to do by priority (most important or the closest due date)
  2. Drink water and stay healthy! Getting sick makes stressful times even worse so take care of yourself.
  3. If you are feeling worked up about something, take a long shower or drink some tea or do something relaxing to take your mind off of it for a bit.
  4. Talk to your friends or family. Talking through what you need to accomplish or what is bothering you can be helpful.
  5. Stay Positive! You will get all your work done. You will succeed. It will all be okay.
  6. Try not to nap and avoid what you need to get done. You will feel better once you accomplish what you need to do.
  7. Realize what you have time for. It is okay to tell someone “no” and that you cannot do something. Do what is required of you first. Sometimes you may need to pass up on plans so you can do your work. This is all okay and the right thing to do.

Remember it will all be okay and that everyone goes through stressful times. You will make it through and grow from it. You can balance school and sports or music activities. Just try to stay positive!



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How to Deal with Stress in School