Americans are Outraged at Gas Attacks on the Border


A woman and what appear to be her children flee from the tear gas attack at the border

Katelyn Macomber

Recently, border patrol officials chose to fight back against immigrants trying to get into the United States by shooting tear gas at several families. Innocent children and families were involved in the chaos created by this weapon towards people outside of the US. The images of U.S. patrol  attacking innocent individuals have internationally raised awareness about this issue, resulting in a recent debate about whether this was legal or not.

Over the past several months, opposition towards immigration has continued to rise. President Trump has portrayed immigration as an issue, the travelers infesting the United States.  According to the Washington Post, since Trump has been elected to office, immigrant hate crimes have actually risen from from 10% to 27% in regards to other hate crimes. During Trump’s 2016 election campaign, many people questioned his reasons for planning to build a wall at the border. In response, CATO revealed Trump has defended himself by saying that  immigrants would steal American jobs, abuse the welfare system, and be a leading cause of crime.

Many American citizens are supportive of keeping immigrants outside of the United States. Even with this, many American were not supportive of the use of tear gas as a solution. Billboard reveals that celebrities are acting against this issue by raising awareness through social media. Rihanna, for one, has responded to this issue by calling it an act of terrorism. Musician John Legend agrees, claiming that this is plain evil. With over 85,500 likes on these tweets on social media, the general public has spoken out about it’s disapproval of the treatment.

Along with the public, some South Windsor High School students responded with similar reactions. Senior Marco Anastasi, who just recently traveled to Mexico to enjoy his Thanksgiving vacation, claims ¨It’s hard to believe such sweet people I met there are being treated like animals.¨ Many Americans choose to travel to Mexico for the beautiful beaches and the sweet people during holiday breaks. Senior Alana Ceppetelli explains how this treatment towards innocent people is ¨inhumane as children are the future of our world who deserve to be treated better.¨ Ceppetelli feels that as caring and genuine people, we should be supporting others and choosing to help others rather than torture them.