How Field Trips Give Students a Stronger Education

Katelyn Macomber

Many students around SWHS are participating in a variety of field trips this year. Field trips provide outside learning that benefits students through different learning techniques. Senior, Alex Amoro, explains “field trips gives students the advantage of getting new perspectives. Many students learn in different ways and through field trips, students are able to explore a more hands-on and visual learning experience.”

Many adults feel like field trips gives students a different learning environment. Teacher, Terri White, explains, “it gives students the opportunity to connect in school learning to the outside world.” Students enjoy taking days to go outside of the school not only for a new learning experience but for a new school experience.

Students sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amounts of school work and different classes. Amoro explains “as students spend everyday all day with the same classes and hallways, field trips makes students feel as if their not being surrounded by paperwork and classrooms.” Being outside of the school environment helps students deeply focus on one idea rather than different ideas throughout the day.

Mr. Carlson’s meteorology class will be traveling to Boston on Tuesday, November 20th. This trip will be giving students the advantage on focusing on their learning in the Boston Science Museum.