Bad Bunny Made History For Latinos In The Music Industry


Bad Bunny on stage during a performance with Alesso. Source: Billboard

Angelica Rivera-Oliveira

Bad Bunny, the 24 year-old Puerto Rican singer/rapper, released his long-awaited single with Drake last weekend titled “MIA”. Within 24 hours, the upbeat but romantic tune reached No. 5 on Apple Music’s Top Song Chart in the United States. The next morning, it made it up to No. 1 and has stayed there, making it the first time in history that an all Spanish song reached No. 1 on the chart in the United States.

Bad Bunny doing his signature “La Nueva Religión” pinky pose. Source: El Heraldo

Once again, Bad Bunny has broken another boundary for Latinos in music. This time, he was competing with the release of “Going Thru Some Thangz”, by the famous hip hop artists Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign. As popular in the United States as Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign are, the majority of people in the country chose to listen to an all Spanish song last weekend; leaving the Latino community ecstatic. Fans of Bad Bunny all around the world were congratulating him, via Twitter and Instagram, posting pictures of themselves doing the trap artist’s signature pinky pose symbolizing his idea of “The New Religion,” or as he calls it, “La Nueva Religión.” In an interview with Pero Like, on YouTube, he says, “I call it The New Religion because the support is strong. It’s real. It’s like a religion, the euphoria, the love from the fans.” 

Angélica Rivera-Oliveira (author) and Gianna Poggie before a Bad Bunny Concert in Mohegan Sun.

Some of our own Latino community in school showed some appreciation as well Senior, Aliana Montalvo, said “I think it’s great that an artist with a cultural background is incorporating a sense of diversity and inclusivity in the U.S.” Regarding the Puerto Rican singer’s newfound success in the states. Even some of our non-Latino students expressed their positive thoughts on Bad Bunny. Senior, Mariana Rule, said “His music is obviously directed towards Spanish speakers, but even as an English speaking American it’s still enjoyable to me and I like it.”

With completely sold-out concerts all over Europe, Latin America, and the United States, and a song in the top charts; Bad Bunny took to his Instagram to express his gratitude for all of the support with the recent hit collaboration with Drake. Posting videos of himself on his Instagram story thanking people for their positive feedback and stating, “Big things are coming for us… Latino gang strong.” The young adult has already generated 42 million views on the “MIA” music video since the release, making it a trending video on the site with people of many different ethnicities and backgrounds watching it. With this new found fan base for Bad Bunny in the United States, many people of the Latino community and “La Nueva Religión” are excited to see what he’ll do next.